Dinosaur Games http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/ - en-us Dino Yacht Club http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/108/Dino-Yacht-Club.html Command a squad of dinosaur pilots and fight off the armies of Piggy Von Hogerton. Dinosaurs And Meteors http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/107/Dinosaurs-And-Meteors.html Prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs by shooting at the oncoming meteors! Dinosaur Panic http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/106/Dinosaur-Panic.html Save the ancient tribe by finding the relic left by the late JuJu and then marry JaJa. Watch out for dinosaurs behind you and other obstacles in your path. Baby Dino http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/105/Baby-Dino.html Drive your prehistoric car with the arrow keys and reach the end of the race track without falling over and collecting bananas on your way. Egg Roll http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/104/Egg-Roll.html Help the dinosaur get the egg to the other side by jumping and pushing it around. Watch out for the gaps in between. Tough little game! Paldorian Defense http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/103/Paldorian-Defense.html Defend the castle against prehistoric dinos, men with clubs and more adversaries as you fight with different kinds of bows and arrows. Dino Run Marathon Of Doom http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/101/Dino-Run-Marathon-Of-Doom.html You are the last dinosaur left on earth. Avoid the obstacles, use the prehistoric birds to help you run further and keep running from the Doom Wall. Rex Racer http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/97/Rex-Racer.html Ride the BMX with the T Rex sitting on it!. Collect eggs, avoid falling on your head and other obstacles. You have limited health. Survivasaur http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/92/Survivasaur.html The earth is threatened by a meteor shower and now the lone dinosaur has to save herself. Will you be able to survive Armageddon of the dinosaurs? Dinosaur identification Game http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/89/Dinosaur-identification-Game.html Can you identify the dinosaurs whose names are given to you? Dino Panic http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/88/Dino-Panic.html You will have to multi-task and play with three dinos at a time. Jump and attack depending on what is required. How long will you last? Tyrannosaurus Run http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/87/Tyrannosaurus-Run.html Run for your life in your jeep because a deadly tyrannosaurus is after you. Lifelike graphics that will get you hooked to the game. Me and My Dinosaur http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/86/Me-and-My-Dinosaur.html A little boy has to take his pet Tyrannosaurus Rex on a long journey with him because the modern world is no longer comfortable with dinosaurs. Reach the end of the game using the boy and the dinosaur by overcoming various obstacles on the way. BMRex http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/85/BMRex.html Dinosaur on a BMX like you have never seen before. Go full speed and finish the level as fast as possible sonic style. Perform stunts and collect points on the way. Dino Faster http://www.freedinosaurgames.org/game/84/Dino-Faster.html Race against the opponent dinosaur and win the race. Jump and dodge the obstacles on your way.