Sun, 30 December 2012

Keyarcade has been updated to Yourarcadescript version 2.5! It has many new features including a custom forum. Check out Your...

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Board’n', this, event, 'auto')">
Santa’s helper: Garland', this, event, 'auto')">
Red & Blu', this, event, 'auto')">
Hired Gun 2 Demo', this, event, 'auto')">
Rigelian Hotshots', this, event, 'auto')">
FLASH魔域2.22', this, event, 'auto')">
海豚球中文版', this, event, 'auto')">
Michael', this, event, 'auto')">
CRASH Wings Of Fire', this, event, 'auto')">
Donkey Kong ClassicYou are mario you must climb up the ladders and steel beams to get to the princess before donkey kong crushes you with his barrels.', this, event, '200px')">Donkey Kong Classic
Megaman X NextTeam up with Zero to find your friends and get rid of the evil power up cannon dash jump and fire.', this, event, '200px')">Megaman X Next
Sphere Avoider Variant 1Simple avoiding game. Stay alive as long as possible.', this, event, '200px')">Sphere Avoider Variant 1
Gerba Deadly RevengeA horizontal side scrolling fighting and shooting game. The triad leader hired assassin who poisoned the emperor. The emperor is dieing and the only cure, the six magic reagents, are protected by deadly assassins. Gerba must take revenge on the assassins and get six magic reagents.', this, event, '200px')">Gerba Deadly Revenge

Featured Games
Starcraft Zergling DefenceThis is a game I had made up in a week for a Lab grade in my game flash programing class. I hope you enjoy.', this, event, '200px')">Starcraft Zergli...

Prototype3Dtry to survive the longest you can on board of this speed course prototype.
How long can you stand?', this, event, '200px')">Prototype3D

Catch the lightControll a spacecraft to collect light spots for energy. Avoid bad energy and the void.', this, event, '200px')">Catch the light

InsurgoBuild to infinity!', this, event, '200px')">Insurgo

Phantom SniperPlay as a renowned sniper who is going against the very group he was a part of, the Kenzu Army.', this, event, '200px')">Phantom Sniper

Newest Games
Plants Vs Zombies

Defend your home from the zombies using the power of plants!

', this, event, '200px')">Plants Vs Zombies

Parkour MasterRun and jump through an abandoned city. Perform great tricks and run for as long as you can! Avoid all the shining RED obstacles.', this, event, '200px')">Parkour Master

Final NinjaUse your ninja rope and cloaking skills to take down your ex-boss.', this, event, '200px')">Final Ninja

Super TrailMake your way over these courses but beware the pits. Upgrade your bike, buy Nitro or new Wheels to make sure you can do the course as fast as possible.', this, event, '200px')">Super Trail

Hungry WormTry to remember the pattern, find all the fruits in the bowl and do not leave anything for the hungry worm. If you overfeed the worm he will explode and you have to start over. You only have 1 minute.', this, event, '200px')">Hungry Worm

Farm DreamsCheerful game in which at you will build and develop the farm.', this, event, '200px')">Farm Dreams

Top Rated
Board’nSkate through the city to catch a friend.', this, event, '200px')">Board'n
Santa’s helper: GarlandHelp Santa Clause to repair bulbs on a garland. You should replace blown up bulbs moving new to the place of the old. Bulbs have different colour and a blinking. Use snowflake bonuses in snowfall levels.', this, event, '200px')">Santa's helper: ...
Red & BluA game where you have to make all of the colors in a row the same. This can be done by clicking each square or by clicking and dragging across multiple squares. For every square that you change the color, you get one point. For every row that you complete', this, event, '200px')">Red & Blu
Hired Gun 2 DemoYou are a hired gun. Go from small-time hitman to corporate assassin in Hired Gun 2.', this, event, '200px')">Hired Gun 2 Demo
Rigelian HotshotsDodge obstacles as a fireball in this exciting game!', this, event, '200px')">Rigelian Hotshots
More Random Games
FG BikerDrive as fast as possible! That is your task at FG Biker. Press the left and right arrow keys to steer, the up and down keys to control the speed, and the spacebar to jump.', this, event, '200px')">FG Biker
Violet Parking 2Violet Parking is back with more exciting levels and Challenges.', this, event, '200px')">Violet Parking 2
Paper AsteroidsPlay Asteroids on a sheet on notebook paper. Try to demolish all of the asteroids before they ram your ship. Brought to you by', this, event, '200px')">Paper Asteroids
Papaya Milk CatchingCatch dropping papaya(+10) and milk (+30) to earn higher scores! Get rid of the green whistles, because they will cost you a few seconds to stagnate and can’t catch the score items!', this, event, '200px')">Papaya Milk Catc...
Koffii RoadsterHop on to your Gangsta bike and get ready for an extreme bike ride and loads of gun-totting action!', this, event, '200px')">Koffii Roadster