The Jeep has been in the market for nearly 80 years. It has remained one of the most desirable, durable and trusted vehicles out there. The many Jeep models also provide a wide range of choice for people of various car tastes. While the new models are powerful, versatile and classy, older models have continued to provide unrivaled durability and nostalgia.

Coming up with a list of just top 7 classic Jeeps of all time is one of the most challenging undertakings for any panel of automobile judges or critics. It took us days to come up with this list after considering various factors such as individual experiences with different models and the opinions presented by fellow jeepers.

Well, read through this list and let us know why your favorite Jeep should have made it to this list!

7. 1954-1983 CJ5/CJ6

Many Jeep enthusiasts continue to remember and celebrate these models as the final ones not to be fitted with smog equipment and automatic transmissions. These models have an impressively longer wheelbase stretching to 84″ for CJ5 and 104″ for CJ6. This essentially provided a convenient accommodation for the longer AMC cylinder and extra stability.

As a matter of fact, CJ5 and CJ6 models enabled off-roading a memorable and exciting adventure. The models are also credited with the basic qualities of the modern Jeep.

6. The XJ Jeep Cherokee (1984-2001)

This model makes it to our list because it set the stage for evolution and development for modern crossovers and SUVs. The Chekoree is also unique in the unibody system. The body system is similar to passenger cars where the body and frame are combined.

It is also important to note that this model was available with advanced two-door or four-door conversions which was a first then. This automobile was compact in size, had great functionality, wonderful utility and highly economical. Well, this was the versatility of the Chekoree for you!

5. The Military Willys MB – 1941-1945

The Military Willys MB comes fifth in our list of top 7 classic Jeeps of all time. This model a favorite for people who like military accessories. It is widely remembered and cherished for its contribution in World War II victory. This vehicle was original, strong and paved way for a number of classic models.

4.  J10 Shortbed (1974-1979)

The Jeep J10 is powerful, strong and fun to see. It has a thrilling design and accounts for the rare models of Jeeps with trunk designs. It has a suspension that is pretty favourable for both on and off-road manoeuvres. They came with an advanced 401 v-8, a TH400 or a T-18 transmission and a Dana 44 front and rear axels.

3. Jeep Wagoneer (1963-1991)

The original Wagoneer was cherished and remains one of the initial developments of the current SUVs. It used a simple chassis as the Gladiator with minor changes throughout its production run which lasted 30 years. Modified versions came with more luxurious features and a strong v-8.

The 1966 Super Wagoneer was a precursor to the more luxurious Wagoneer brand that became a hit in the 1970s through to early ’90s. They came with better rims beginning with Brougham, then Limited and later Grand.

2. TJ (’00-04)

Omitting the TJ from our list of top 7 classic jeeps of all time will not only be fair but also insincere. If a sport model Jeep is your type of vehicle then you don’t need to look farther. This design has a NV3550 five-speed manual, a reliable driveterrain, a 4.5L and Dana 44 rear Axel which is optional. This model is strong common and its spare parts can be found for replacement all over the globe.

1. Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited (2007-present)

The Wrangler makes to the top of our list. As it stands, it is the most versatile and classic jeep. It is designed for all terrains hence ideal for both work and adventure. Moreover, the Wrangler is one of the best-performing and best-looking vehicles in the market today.

The present day Unlimited version is fascinating and qualifies to be the most classic Jeep ever, a favorite gift to anyone. For information check out Classic Jeeps Willys jeep